Sunday, 11 September 2011

Here we go again

I am aware that most of you (well those who are still in school) will probably already have had over a week of school. I was meant to post this in august but I was busy getting ready for getting back to school. School has never been my favourite thing in the world but I am grateful that I am able to attend school at all, many dont have that oppurtunity. Today is september 11th 2011, the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks in America that claimed the lifes of nearly 3000 innocent people. RIP to all who died that day, you will never be forgotten.
Now that school is back and I will be going into my GCSE years I unfortunately wont be able to read as much or write. Therefore I wont be writing many reviews (not that I had many anyway) if you would like to see what Im reading then follow me on twitter @lovereading_21 or add me as a friend on goodreads
Of course back to school  brings back the drama of last year, it seems that some people cant let go of the small things that happened in school last year. I hope that eventually they will be able to move on. I have realised that I am rambling on a bit. I shall leave now. Feel free to add me on goodreads or follow me on twitter, ask for a follow back.
Thanks, Leona :)

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