Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Charachter 1

Candra Delano was different. For once she never smiled, her mouth was pulled into a permanent frown. She never looked remotely interested in anything. Her teal eyes were troubled. They never showed any love or affection towards anyone or anything.She looked like someone who has been through more tragedies than anyone her age should have to go through. She was a small girl and most woudn't have paid any attention to her if it werent for the fact that no one knew anything about her. She was hiding something. Everyone knew it. One kid even got so nosey that they hired a private investigator to follow her and he found nothing. It was as if she knew someone was following her. No one knew anything about her except where she lived. She lived by herself and had moved to New Salem two years ago. No one knew where she moved from . Some guessed that she came from somewhere in California, because of her tanned skin. Never once did she talk. Not even when a teacher asked her a question. She just sat and stared at them. Eventually they moved on. Somehow she managed to get straight A's. She'd never made any friends. She was afraid of getting too involved, but she would never tell anyone that. She saw it as a weakness. No one would ever find out anything about her. Not unless she wanted them to. In that case they would never find anything about her. She would always be the tanned girl that no one knew anything about. And that's the way she wanted it to be.

I would really appreciate it if you would give your opinions on this charachter.
The lead male charachter coming soon :)

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  1. This is really good! Sounds like a character that you cant help but get invested in their story. :)


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