Sunday, 19 May 2013

Some news!

Hey guys!

As I said before we have been thinking about making a new blog! And today we decided to actually go ahead and make one.

However, Megan and I will not be sharing a blog. We have decided to go our separate ways on the blogging front. 

Megans blog is called "Where the Pages Overlap". You can find it here:

My (Leona) blog is called "I'm Only Me When I'm Reading." You can find it here:

We would love for you to all to come see our new blogs and continue your support!
NOTE: For the first few weeks we will be uploading reviews from this blog onto our separate blogs. So if you get a sense of deja vu when reading them then you know why.

Thank you all for your support. Without you this blog wouldn't have been half as fun as it was!

~Leona and Megan