Saturday, 9 November 2013

I met Veronica Roth

So on Sunday 3rd November my sister and I travelled to Dublin to meet Veronica Roth. I can't even begin to describe my excitement. Dublin is my favourite city and Veronica is one of my favourite authors.

The event was in Easons (an Irish bookshop) on O'Connell street. We went in, got our tickets an were sent downstairs. When we got down there were some staff that took out tickets and then asked us what faction we are. I said Dauntless and they gave us a rubber bracelet and a badge with the faction symbol on it. We also got a bag with different items in it such as an Allegiant bookmark and postcard as well as a catching fire poster. We were pointed in the direction of the Dauntless faction. We were standing while everyone else sat on the ground.

Then another staff member came up to us and asked if we wanted to move over to Amity as there were good seats. We said sure and then he got us a bad and bracelet for Amity. I thought he would take the Dauntless stuff back but he said we could keep them because he didn't want us to have to leave Dauntless fully.

After 3 Veronica came down the stairs and everyone started freaking out. The organiser of the event went up and was talking and saying how he was calm until we started freaking out. 

Then Veronica came up and read for us. She read the moment when Tris jumps, from Divergent but it was from Four's POV. Then we had a Q&A session and my question was the last question that she answered.

And then it was time for the signing!!!!!!! When I got up Veronica smiled at me and asked me how I was. I could barely talk and I was completely starstruck!! She was so lovely and then I told her how I had written reviews on my blog for her books giving them 5* and she seemed so happy!

She was such a lovely person and It was the best day EVER!!!!

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